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Dillon Zachariah

Dillon Zachariah - Driven to Win

Dillon Zachariah (19 years, Chennai) began racing online using his PlayStation steering wheel in 2019. In an astonishing rise to the top, he went on to win his first race in a real-life formula car at the MRF National Championship in 2021.

As an eSports driver, he was one of the youngest and fastest drivers, winning the X1 Racing eSports League (Delhi leg). His passion, dedication, and natural ability in motorsports has meant the transition to real racing has resulted in big wins in a very short span of time. He's already beating much more senior and experienced drivers.

In only two years, he's gone from starting online racing, to winning races in a formula car. He is proving that you can become a real racer through Esports. Not just a racer, but a winner. Dillon is only at the starting line of his career.

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🏁  Online Sim Racer with 8000+ hours of simulator experience from 2019 to 2022.
🏁  First Indian to advance from e-sports to real life racing.
🏁  Immediately proved to be competitive in the MRF1600 National Championship with a win and 3 podiums / top 5 finishes under his belt.
🏁  Real track time experience of 40 hours so far.
🏁  Dillon’s goal is to become the next Indian Formula 1 driver, taking Indian motorsport to the world stage. He’s showing that it’s possible to win F1 races after transitioning from ERacing.


Dillon is bringing a whole new generation of fans to motorsport. He's transitioned from sim driving to racing in real life, creating an entirely new path into motorsport.

Not only that, but he’s inspiring upcoming drivers, enriching the pool of talent in India.

Dillon's skill and knowledge of technical aspects of racing make him a huge asset. He's attentive and aware in the pit, taking his insight and remarkable judgements onto the track.

Dillon is pioneering an unconventional new era of motorsport. He’s getting fans and followers enthusiastic about racing. And, he's exciting in a way no one else is.

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Dillon Zachariah

"Dillon is an energetic, determined, and agile racer whom we have been working with over the past year. Since the time we started working together, he has been straight and forthright with us, always respecting the company's role in his success. Dillon is absolutely on the right trajectory/path to achieve his dream. With proper guidance and funding, he is all set to reach his goal of being a Formula 1 participant. We wish him lots of good wishes and success in this journey."

Parikshith Jhaver
Director, Tagros Chemicals



5th overall against international level drivers in first real race car Meco Motorsport Formula Junior Racing Series
Coimbatore, August 6-7, 2021
5th overall and first race win in round two, MRF 1600 Indian National Racing Championship
Chennai, September – November 2021
🏁 Round 1 - P3
🏁 Round 2 - P1
🏁 Round 3 - P4
🏁 Round 4 - P3
Finished in top 5, MRF 2000 Indian National Racing Championship
Chennai, November 2022 – January 2023
🏁 Round 1 - P3
🏁 Round 2 - P4
🏁 Round 3 - P1
🏁 Round 4 - P3

"In the span of three years, I've seen Dillon grow from a young, carefree sim driver to a very mature race driver. For someone who never had a karting background, only Esports, Dillon proved straight away that he can be a force to reckon with, and that was beyond impressive. His ability to drive a real car really fast sets him apart from other sim drivers."

Aditya Patel
Race car Driver for Audi Motorsports


Dillon is determined to become the very best, and regularly undertakes training to build his skills and experience. He’s fast to learn, implementing new strategies and ideas, and willing to take feedback from experts.

🚩  Meco Motorsport Training Program LGB1300 (March 20th and 21st 2021)
🚩  Momentum Motorsport Training Program LGB1300 (July 31st and August 1st 2021)
🚩  MRF Renault testing March 8th – 9th 2022
🚩  MRF2000 testing June 23rd – 24th 2022
🚩  MRF2000 testing November 22nd – 23th 2022